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Bruxelles, 23. oktober 2012.

The Commission proposes a green light for enhanced cooperation on taxation of financial transactions.

The 11 Member States who wish to apply a tax on financial transactions (EU tax) through enhanced cooperation should be authorized, as all legal conditions are met. It is the conclusion of the proposal for a Council decision, which the Commission has adopted today. In addition, an enhanced cooperation on FT charges according to the proposal will not only bring the participating countries «immediate and tangible benefits», but it will also contribute to a more well-functioning internal market throughout the EU.

Commission President, Jose Manuel Manuel Barroso, says: «I am pleased to see that 11 Member States have expressed their willingness to participate in a joint FT tax, recalling what the Commission initially proposed. This tax can bring Member States revenue pa billiarder av euro, som er spesielt nodvendig i disse vanskelige tider. Det handler om rimelighet og rettferdighet – we must ensure that the financial sector helps to cover the costs of the crisis, rather than being borne by ordinary citizens. »

Algirdas Semeta, Commissioner for Taxation, says: «A common FT tax will benefit the whole of the EU, even if it is not used throughout the EU. It will create a stronger and more coherent internal market and contribute to a more stable financial sector. Member States that participate in tax co-operation, get an additional bonus in the form of more revenue and a more reasonable taxation system that meets the demands of citizens. I had promised that we would respond quickly as soon as it was the Commission’s turn to act and That’s what we have done today. I now encourage Parliament and Council to keep the same pace and quickly give green light to the Member States who want to introduce a FT tax in EU. »

I lopet av de siste par dagene har 11 medlemsland 1 sendt offisielle foresporsler til Kommissionen om et forsterket samarbeid om en FT-avgift. They have all indicated the Commission proposal for a FT tax as the basis for their cooperation (see IP / 11/1085). As soon as the required number of Member States had notified their participation, the Commission began to examine requests to ensure that they meet the requirements for enhanced cooperation as mentioned in the Treaties. The Commission has been completely impartial and has examined the impact for both participating and non-participating Member States as well as for the EU as a whole. Det betyr at den f.eks. has verified that enhanced cooperation in this area promotes the EU’s objectives and interests, that it does not harm the internal market and respects the rights, powers and obligations of non-participating Member States (a full description of the conditions contained in Memo / 12 / 799). Furthermore, any Member State may join the cooperation at a later date, provided that it fulfills the same conditions as the Member States that have been included from the start. The Commission has decided that the current decision has been fulfilled, and all Member States wishing to introduce an FT tax in the EU should be authorized to do so.

The current proposal describes why a common FT tax applied by a group of Member States is beneficial and arrives at the right time. For the first time, it will strengthen the internal market by reducing the complexity and distortion of competition due to an abundance of different national approaches. Hvis det brukes en ensartet ordning pa storstedelen av EUs marked, vil bedriftene i alle 27 medlemslandene nyte godt av lavere kostnader i forbindelse med overholdelse og storre juridisk sikkerhet. In addition, the FT-avgiften sikre, at the financial sector, contributes more to the central government and to cover the costs of the crisis on equal terms with other sectors. Endelig vil en felles FT-afgift gjore de finansielle markedene mer effektive ved a styre dem bort fra casino-lignende handler til mer stabile aktiviteter som stotter den reale okonomien.

De neste skritt.

Det aktuelle forslag til Radets beslutning er et viktig skritt i prosessen mot en forsterket samarbeid. It shall be adopted by a qualified majority of Member States and it shall be approved by Parliament before the eleven Member States may proceed. Senere pa aret, the Commission expects to present the real proposal for a harmonized FT tax, which will be discussed and adopted by the participating Member States. This proposal would be very similar to the original proposal for an FT tax, as presented by the Commission in September 2011, as the Member States have requested in their letters. Kommissionen vil dog noje undersoge om visse endringer skal gjenspeiles for a gjenspeile det lavere antall medlemsland som kommer til a bruke FT-avgiften.

In September 2011, the Commission presented a proposal for a common system for taxation of financial transactions with the aim of improving the functioning of the internal market in the area. In addition, it was considered that a harmonized tax would be able to bring 57 billion. EUR jeg fortjener om aret, og dermed sikrer at finansinstitusjonene i rimelig grad bidrar til offentlig budsjett. It will also contribute to more responsible trading and allow for a more coherent approach to taxation of the financial sector in the internal market.

Following intense discussions on the matter, there was consensus at the ECOFIN meetings in June and July 2012 that unanimity would not be reached within a reasonable time. Already at that time, there was a strong core of Member States, which stated that they wanted to introduce a common FT tax scheme through enhanced cooperation.

On 28 September 2012, just one year after the original proposal was submitted by the Commission, France and Germany sent a letter to Commissioner Semeta, where they officially requested authorization for enhanced cooperation on the basis of Commission proposals. Dette ble fulgt opp av lignende breve fra Osterrike, Belgia, Hellas, Italia, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia og Spania. Der krever minst ni medlems stater, for at det i henhold til traktatene kan gis fullmakt til forsterket samarbeid. Dette minimum er naet.

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